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Honour Condolence Stand

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In tribute to a life well-lived, our 'Honour' Condolence Stand embodies modern elegance and reverence. Crafted with contemporary flair, this striking arrangement pays homage to cherished memories and lasting legacies.

Each element of 'Honour' speaks to the dignity and respect bestowed upon the departed, offering solace and support to grieving hearts. May this symbol of remembrance stand as a testament to the profound impact of a life lived with honour and integrity.


  • Gerberra, Pom Pom, Mom chrysanthemum, Palm leave, Monstera.
  • Free A4 size Wish Card
  • Free Flower Stand


170cm (H) x 110 cm (W) x 80 cm (L)

*Exact color may vary according to availability
*In the event of supply constraints, wrapping / fillers will be replaced while maintaining the overall sense of arrangement.