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Faith Bridal Bouquet [Special Order]

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RM 289.00
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RM 289.00

**To ensure availability of calla lily featured in this bouquet, pre-orders must be placed at least 2 weeks in advance.  ** 

Faith is a stunning bridal bouquet that showcases the majestic beauty of burgundy Calla lilies, representing unwavering devotion and deep love. The rich and captivating hue adds a touch of enchanting allure, making every step down the aisle a glamorous affair.

Accompanied by delicate Astilbe and the delightful charm of Wax flowers, Faith exudes an air of grace and elegance. The exquisite combination of textures and shades brings a sense of sophistication, ensuring all eyes are on the radiant bride.

Let it be a beautiful reflection of your journey into a future filled with love and cherished memories. Elevate your wedding day with this opulent and meaningful floral masterpiece.


  • Shape : Irregular Reverse Triangle 
  • Color Scheme :Maroon, Purple,Pink
  • Size : Regular

*Exact color may vary according to availability
*In the event of any supply constraints, wrapping/fillers will be replaced with similar type while maintaining the overall sense of arrangement.