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Mellow Roses Bouquet

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RM 188.00
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RM 199.00
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RM 188.00

"Mellow" is a harmonious blend of pristine white roses and flamingo pink roses, artfully arranged to create an enchanting bouquet. This exquisite bouquet embodies the essence of joy and passion, making it an unmissable choice for celebrating life's most beautiful moments.

Elegantly presented, "Mellow" is a testament to the enduring beauty of simplicity. Each bloom whispers sentiments of love and tenderness, making it the perfect gift for expressing your heartfelt emotions with grace and charm.

With "Mellow," you embrace a fusion of serenity and passion, a symbol of pure, unadulterated love. Don't miss the opportunity to make your moments unforgettable. Choose "Mellow" and let your emotions bloom in a bouquet that captures the heart.

*Photo Shown is Regular Size* 


  • Regular : 12 stalks mix of white and pink rose
  • Medium : 18 stalks mix of white and pink rose
  • Dimension: 35cm x 35cm x 35cm (Regular)
  • Dimension: 42cm x 42cm x 42cm (Medium)

*Exact color may vary according to availability
*In the event of any supply constraints, wrapping/fillers will be replaced with similar type while maintaining the overall sense of arrangement.