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Lavish Air Popping Floor Popping Helium Balloon 空爆球地爆球

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RM 1,288.00

Transform your wedding day into an enchanted experience with our Lavish Popping  Balloon – an unforgettable highlight that leaves an indelible mark on your special day. 

Captivate your guests with a showstopper, set the stage for lasting memories, and ensure your wedding is nothing short of extraordinary. 

As the music swells and the lighting dances during march in, the magic truly unfolds when the balloon pop in perfect harmony. The result? A mesmerizing cascade of balloons gracefully taking flight, creating an exquisite and memorable scene to remember. 

Elevate your celebration with this unique and captivating highlight – an investment in the romance and magic of your wedding day that's truly priceless.


  • 36' Air Burst Helium Balloon / 36' Floor Burst Helium Balloon
  • Customisable Color Scheme
  • Free Coordination Service with Music / Emcee / Photographer / Videographer 
  • Free Blast Activation Service

  • Optional : Feather ( require venue permission )
  • Optional : Cleaning Service (additional charge rm100 required)

*Exact color may vary according to availability
*In the event of any supply constraints, accessories will be replaced with similar type while maintaining the overall sense of arrangement.